SAP Transformation

SAP transformation projects are complex construction sites with an almost overwhelming number of things to perfectly fit together. Surprisingly, it is not the SAP technology itself, which is the most difficult thing (although difficult enough, there are proven experts available to manage).


What makes SAP programs so difficult (and often failing) are the organizational challenges: Are the users prepared to utilize the new SAP capabilities? Are they motivated to un-learn and re-learn? Are the processes re-engineered to adopt SAP best practices and is the organization re-structured to reflect these transformations? Has the data been re-designed and cleansed before migrating to the new SAP platform? As a result, are you on-track to deliver the business benefits of the SAP transformation? Or are you trying to just implement a new technology?

We help set up SAP transformations for success. We help create realistic plans based on proven track records. We help find the right implementation partners. We help bring things together that deliver your business case.